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Friend referred us to Rich and Becki when he heard that our family would be relocating to the Green Bay area, and we couldn't be more glad that he did. Relocating your family from one state to another can be a very stressful time, and the case was no different for us this past summer. With all that is involved in relocating to a new state - selling an existing home, each of us changing jobs, and finding a new school for our young daughter, we were lucky to find realtors in Rich and Becki that understood that finding a new home needed to be a seamless and enjoyable experience. Because of their strong collective experience working with corporate relocation programs, they were able to guide us through a potentially confusing and frustrating process. They worked around our hectic schedules and didn't hesitate to show us 15-20 homes in one day because one day when that was all that we could spare at the time. We were really impressed with their vast knowledge of the Green Bay area, including property values, school district rankings, and entertainment options for couples and families. Most importantly, Rich and Becki are honest people that treated like we were the only clients they had. They took the time to understand what was truly important to us in a new home, and presented us with regular listing updates for homes that fit what we were looking for. They didn't try to 'sell' us on every home we saw, rather they were quick to point out when the market value of a given home was below the asking price. Now how many realtors would do that? The biggest testament to their work in getting to know is that the home we fell in love with and ultimately purchased was one that we never called out as one we wanted to see. Rather, it was one that Rich and Becki suggested we take a look at because they believed that it fit us. They were right, and we now have our dream home as a result of their efforts. Thanks Rich and Becki! We'll definitely refer our friends and family to Rich and Becki for all their realty needs.
– Kevin and Molly Jauquet
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